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Safe water is our goal

At Stadeli Water Systems Inc., we know how vital clean, healthy water is to you and your family. Our water management systems can help ensure that your water stays free of harmful bacteria and parasites. We can test your water regularly to make sure there are no contaminants. Call us today for better health!  503-873-9287

Services to make your water safer

• Analysis

• Leak detection

• Pumping

• Reservoirs

• Treatment

• Water Supply

If  you own a well, we can also test it:

• Flow testing

• Water purity testing

•Pump system analysis

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We have 24-hour emergency service available, so call us today and let us help provide you with safe and healthy water.

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Get 24-hour emergency service!

Stadeli Water Systems Inc. can also help you with pumps and parts and equipment for your water system. Call 503-873-9287 today and let our professionals help with your needs!